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A little bit about me

Tiger Nick Golf Club Solutions has grown from a small polishing and buffing shop in Ohio into the one of the (if not THE) largest golf club repair & refinishing centers in the United States. We refinish over 500 set of clubs per year and over 1000 wedges with our Intelligent Design system. We also perform our proprietary 10 step balancing & blueprinting process on every club we build

Tiger Nick Golf Club Solutions was founded by Master Club Builder/Finisher, Nicholas A. Cerri III in January 2007.  Nick is one of the top golf club restoration expert who specializes in all aspects of golf club refinishing and restoration, we at Tiger Nick Golf offer the following services:
Iron Refinishing, Restoration and Re-grooving
Metal Wood Refinishing and Restoration
Our Proprietary 10 Step Balancing & Blueprinting Process
Re-shafting & Re-gripping
General Club Repair
Refinish Scotty Cameron Putters (or any other type)
Custom Paint fill is included on all our finishes after the refinishing is complete.

"We refinish golf clubs... period. That's who we are, that's what we do."


Our 10 Step Refinishing Process that Separates Us from the Competition


1)  We start by checking the lie and loft, because if they are to far off, it might effect the finish and/or the swing weight if I have to bend them after they are done.  

2)  We then pull the shafts and clean the hosel checking the depth of the hosel to make sure they are consistent to receive the shaft.  

3)  We prep the shaft tips and put the shafts in the spine finder and mark them after removing all grip tape and thoroughly cleaning them.  

4)  We Strip the old chrome and nickel plating   

5)  We check the groove depth and if needed re-groove -- sand/polish the nicks, dings & bag chatter marks being as careful as possible not to remove any excess head weight  

6)  Next the heads are sent to be either  finished in our proprietary  Thermo N-11 black or chrome plated in standard chrome or Black chrome  

7)  Once the heads get back... dry fit the shafts checking the length & swing-weight -- then after installing the lead plug weights double check the swing-weight and install the ferrules.   

8)  Mix the professional epoxy (cure rate 24 hours) and glue them making sure the spine position is in the correct spot and make sure they have the same amount of glue to maintain a consistent swing weight. Let the glue dry at least 24 hrs.   

9)  Weight sort the grips to make sure all 8 grips are the same weight -- install the grips and make sure they line up straight and consistently stretch (on cord is critical for sizing).  

10)  Finally we turn the ferrules and shine them up w/acetone. Double check the loft and lie. A final cleaning & DONE!


The Customer is #1

Our #1 Goal is to provide all our customers with exceptional service. We recognize that our customers are the heart of our business and without them Tiger Nick Golf Club Solutions would not be in existence. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future and we appreciate you taking the time to visit our website